Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday 5

Hey ya'll and happy Friday! I'm looking forward to warmer temps, outdoor play and family time this weekend with a little sprinkle of Target and maybe Hobby Lobby for some Mama time. Sounds like the perfect combo if you throw in Starbucks am I right? Cheers to the weekend! 

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One of my favorite blog posts this week was from Borm & Co. and its all about potty training - not that exciting if you don't have babes but we're just entering this new chapter and all the help is needed! Andi is doing great so far but its really up to us to be consistent with it at this point. Any advice is greatly appreciated - we're obviously not rushing bc she is barely two but she's showing interest! Click here to read her post!

I've shared these chairs before and pinned them as well but I just saw them on Overstock as well and ya'll I'm in love! Where can I put these babies? (Hubby, if you're reading this, I need these)

Fun tops - I ordered my first off the shoulder top from J. Crew last week (pink seersucker, find it here)and although I didn't love it at first...I kept it on for awhile around the house and it slowly grew on me. I felt super box-like at first but I guess I just had to get used to it. Now I'm on a mission for cute new Spring tops!

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Ya'll, I need these cocktail napkins in my life. How cute for Spring and Summer are these babies? (get them here and 15% off your first order!)

It wouldn't be a fun post without Miss A! She went nuts over this Bull Rising thing in the grocery store the other day and I'm so glad I filmed it! Hope ya'll have a great weekend!

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Mixing Patterns

Welcome to another What's Hap-'Pinning' Wednesday link up! I'm so glad that you're joining Jenn and me and I can't wait to see what's going on in your life currently - so - grab our button and join in on the fun below. Also, we didn't get a huge response last time about keeping this link up going so let us know your thoughts!

Y'all - I have been SO obsessed with the mixing patterns trend lately although I am way too scared to try it out in my own home. I posted about this before I'm sure but if we move, which I hinted that we might be considering that, I will 100% make it a goal to do some pattern mixing. It so bold and out of my classic realm but also so dang dreamy if done correctly. Send or snap me pics if ya'll have done this within your home because I'd love to see and get some new ideas. 

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Monday, March 20, 2017


Hey ya'll and happy Monday/first day of Spring! Its supposed to be 65 degrees today even though I woke up to frost and a crisp 30 degrees. Virginia weather.... Anyway, this weekend was wonderful simply because I hung out with Miss A and just relaxed. Friday, we looked at a fixer upper home in our IDEAL neighborhood and sported our green for St. Patrick's day before grabbing dinner with my parents that evening. Saturday, hubs and I went back to said house, without parents etc, and took a TON of measurements and wrote down figures and did more figuring. The story of this house is an incredible one thus far and I can't wait to share it with ya'll if everything works out - so prayers would be greatly appreciated and I'll share more soon I promise either way! Saturday night we took Andi to her first tastee-freeze for ice cream and I'd say its her new favorite place for sure. I love small towns!

On Sunday, Andi and I headed to church and then had a lunch date in our matching outfits before meeting my parents and doing some grocery shopping together for the week. Hubs came home later that afternoon from work and we did dinner, got Miss A in bed and watched some disappointing Duke basketball. I'm still in shock they lost...needless to say, hubs is not happy. Today my co-worker and the one I was essentially filling in for is back from maternity leave. I can't believe its been 13 weeks already since I've started this new job. Today we'll be figuring out how to split the position from here on out so wish us luck!

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Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday 5

Hey ya'll and happy Friday! We're over half way through March and almost to Spring - can you believe it? Today I'm linking up with the usual gang to share 5 things from the week. I hope ya'll have a fabulous weekend and I'll catch ya'll back here on Monday. Linking up with AprilKarliAndrea & Amanda so grab the buttons and join in on the fun! #TGIF

My sweet Andi girl. She is such a Mama's girl and a little comedian and seriously makes every single day better. I can't believe she is almost two ya'll! This week I made up for some lost hours and it really had me missing my sweet love muffin - looking forward to relaxing and spending all weekend with her!

Speaking of Andi turning two next month, I changed my mind last minute on her invite and ordered these instead. I find the pink and green way more fitting!

Not personalized to show example but how cute are these?!

So far so good on the 21 day fix ya'll. The work outs are fantastic and I love how they have the little countdown in the bottom corner so you know how much more time you have to go. There are so many good recipes on Pinterest and the portion containers are really great! Below is one of my favorite blog posts/recipes to try


We have a Spring wedding coming up next month and I'm so excited for wedding season to be back. At our age, I feel like weddings are few and far between so I always try to go! We have one on April 22nd and one in September so far this year. For the Spring one, I ordered this Lilly dress and I'm in love with the vintage cut of it!

Ya'll, Mama and I booked our 2nd annual girls beach house and I'm in full on countdown mode. Last year, even though we have our bay house, Mama decided she missed the OBX. I go every year with my husband's family and I even lived there for two summers so I wouldn't miss it for the world. We waited until September when the rates dropped and Mama and I rented a cute little oceanfront home in Southern Shores, NC. It was just Mom, Andi and myself and it was the best week ever. We've decided to do it again (duh, making it an annual tradition) but the original house was booked. We booked this slightly larger one instead so that if my sister or aunt etc. want to join later in the week, we have room! I seriously cannot wait! Bring on the OBX please!

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

WHW: Showtime

Hey ya'll and welcome to another What's Hap-'Pinning' Wednesday with me and my co-host Jenn! Grab our button, link up and tell us what's currently on your mind. Today I'm sharing my must-watch shows. I'm such a T.V. nerd. My husband has been trying to convince me to cut the cord like everyone is doing and ya'll I seriously don't think I can do ever. The idea sounds great but I need my HGTV, AMC, Bravo & toon channels for Miss A to name a few. We do have Netflix and I love a good binge but I also love sitting down at night with a glass of wine and catching up on my DVR or watching live shows you know? With that said, here is what I currently can't get enough of T.V. wise:

1. Anything on HGTV but mostly Fixer Upper and I'm interested in the show premiering next week called Home Town

2. The Walking Dead - ya'll I binged 7 seasons of this in 2 months just to be caught up. So oddly addictive.

3. This is Us - hands down one of the best written shows ever. Grab the tissues!

4. Shades of Blue - another amazingly written, edge of your seat, crooked cop show and it has J.Lo!

5. Chrisley Knows Best - this one never gets old and besides, we're Twitter buds you know!

6. Southern Charm - this returns April 3rd and is definitely one of my favorite reality shows to date!

7. The Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor in Paradise - I will NEVER stop watching these (haha) Thanks ABC! I'd also like to give a shoutout to Brittany, Julie and Ashley for keeping my entertained while we tweet and snap eachother during the entire show! haha Love ya'll!

8. Nashville - I'm still mad at this one currently....

9. American Crime - intense but great

10. The Goldbergs - don't hate, its our comedy feel-good weakness

11. Last Man Standing - comedy gold if you're on the conservative side

12. Real Housewives of Dallas if it ever comes back! Its the first one I ever watched

13. I really got into Project Runway Junior this season!

So there you have it, I officially drink too much wine and watch way too much T.V. but I have zero shame in my game and thank heavens for the invention of a DVR. What shows can ya'll not stand to miss? I've also heard excellent things about Big Little Lies but we don't get HBO - boo.

p.s. day one of 21 day fix is completed and feeling good about it already! Thanks for the encouragement!

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