Wednesday, October 18, 2017

WHW: Still Moving!

Hey y'all and welcome to another What's Hap-'pinning' Wednesday post! I'm a little behind on the blogging scale just because of everything going on so I really don't have a noteworthy post today. The closing on our previous home went well and we met the owners. They looked about 15 years old but they were so excited which made my heart happy. If you follow me on snap then you saw how sad and empty our house was and I'm still in shock that we got EVERYTHING out of there. I've driven by already and stalked it but I think the tears are mostly gone now...I think. Having a few beers at the new local brewery with the girls was a good midweek treat to get my mind off of the stresses of moving!

This week we spent the beginning of the week with my in-laws and now we are headed to my parents house for the rest of the week so at least we aren't technically homeless. We get to move in the new house on the 24th so the countdown is on! We did pick out an appliance package and will have it ready to go by next week. Its a nice distraction to go spend money am I right? (ha!) We went with the Frigidaire Gallery collection and love the sleek, stainless look. (similar to what we had but just the newer collection) We also added new washer and dryer to the mix and we also went ahead and bought a new mattress and box spring for Miss A so that she will have her very own 'big girl' bed once we get to the new house next week. I'm so excited for her to see it! Its a nicer mattress set and we had not intended to buy that for a toddler but it will last straight through her high school days at least! Anyway, now I'm in knee-deep in furniture shopping and I'd be lying if I said it wasn't fun. On the checklist: sectional sofa, coffee and end tables, dining room set, etc. Whew!

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

WHW: At-Home Teeth Whitening: Does it Work?

Hey y'all and happy Wednesday! for today's WHW, I'm letting y'all in on a little pampering secret. I'm pretty sure y'all know by now my motto of "Let's drink coffee until it's socially acceptable to drink wine". There is NO shame in that game! I do, however, mostly indulge in red wine which can wreak havoc on your teeth. I've even tried the straw thing with my wine to see if it avoided the teeth a little more. (just can't get used to the straw idea, haha) I have used whitening strips before but it has been years and although I alternate using whitening and sensitive toothpastes, I knew I needed to get rid of some of these stains before they got any worse. Cue Smile Brilliant!

I'd been curious about Smile Brilliant for quite some time and I love the idea that it is completely customized to your very own teeth with actual molds. How professional is that? A few blogging friends had given rave reviews as well so that was also encouraging. This is in no way sponsored y'all (when have I ever done a sponsored post?) I was given a teeth whitening kit to review and will be giving y'all my honest opinion. Also, I'm a Mom. You're probably wondering, what does that have to do with anything? Well it means you're basically constantly busy! This product was so easy to fit into daily routines and that for me was a huge plus! Another reason I love this kit is because of thdesensitizing gel  that it comes with. My teeth, enamel and gums are a tad sensitive usually (thanks to lots of redbull drinking I'm sure...I know I know - its terrible) and this stuff was great to have on hand. After the first use, it cut out any sensitivity for me!

Overall this teeth whitening kit is super affordable and so easy to use! You can't beat doing it in the comfort of your own home am I right? Check out my personal results below - I'm pumped! I think I'll continue to use this once or twice every six months to keep those red wine stains at bay. (I'll never quit you red wine!) Also, be sure to enter to win a FREE Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Kit of your own below! (*Giveaway is open for two weeks. MUST enter through the link above to be counted. Giveaway is for $139 credit- and is open to USA, UK, Canada, and Australia residents* )

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10% off code: jessisdesign10
The giveaway is for a $139 Smile Brilliant credit. It is open for 1 week (7 days after blog post date) and open to USA, UK, Australia and Canadian residents.

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Tooth Whitening Gel

Friday, October 6, 2017

Friday 5

y'all, now that I've revealed our new humble home space (just kidding - only the exterior for now) I want to share some of my design thoughts. Thank y'all so much for your kind comments and well wishes on this move! It still hasn't hit me that we're leaving our big ole' fixer upper and at this point I just pray that the new owners love it just as much as we did (and do!) So without further ado, here are 5 things that we are thinking design wise for the new space.

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So here's a tiny preview of the kitchen just y'all have a visual. This gives us that desired project we're always looking for because in all honestly, we have no idea what move in ready should feel like! Anyway, we want to definitely brighten the space up a bit and play off of the fabulous natural light. Here is the design scheme we have agreed upon:

We had brown leather furniture previously to accent all of the dramatic woodwork. For our new home I'd love to take a lighter approach. I'm dreaming of a linen sectional in a fun pattern or solid blue. The first is Ballard Designs and the second is Society Social. Regardless, that blue leopard print is going somewhere! (Whether its the sofa, curtains or even an accent chair or pillows)

For the dining room - I want to (maybe) go out of my comfort zone and try white or white washed pieces with lots of gold accents and maybe some pops of color like blue (of course)

I really like the paint scheme we had previously so I'll probably carry over a lot of the same colors in the rooms. We had a lot of grays and blues and there's just so much you can do with it all! (There's SO much yellow in there right now...I'm even talking yellow ceiling paint)

Y'all - this society social bar cart - that'a all I have to say!

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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

WHW: Lately

Y'all - I feel like I've been so MIA lately! We've been so busy and I feel like I just can't catch up. As you know, we successfully sold our home (I'ms till in shock) and we are neck-deep in packing up our lives. Seth has been kicking butt and taking names on the whole packing front and we've been selling pretty much everything. Downsizing is no joke and the hoarder inside me is freaking out but I've been doing fairly well with cleaning out, throwing away and donating stuff we no longer need. Our closing date for our current home in still October 16th and we have a little meeting scheduled with the new owners to go over the boiler system and I must say that I am thrilled to be meeting them. (wipes tear)

As for our new home, we had the home inspection yesterday and luckily everything went pretty smoothly! The hot water heater is a bust and there's some weird electrical and plumbing issues (nothing major) but other than that, we should be in pretty good shape. We're scheduled to close and move into this home on October 24th so things are moving right along! I feel like I need to give y'all a little preview - are y'all ready? Of course I'll do a full inside tour so y'all can have the before and after tour but I'm going to wait until we officially close.

Happy Wednesday y'all and link up with us below for WHW!

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

All Things Fall

Oh Fall, you own my heart and always will - and Winter? Winter is a close second. I may love my Lilly Pulitzer and sundresses but nothing beats a cozy sweater, no humidity and sweating, boots and the upcoming holiday season. Yup folks, I'm as basic as basic can get. So my next question - WHY IS IT STILL SO HOT? Anyway, Here are some of the things I'm swooning over as Fall steadily (or slowly) approaches. What are you favorite things to do, eat and see? GO!

(oh and to update: Our house is officially sold (cue tears)..and stay tuned bc as long as everything goes smoothly with another inspection, next steps, etc. hint hint.. I'll be sharing some fun news!) 

I was binging Gilmore Girls with the hubs last night and I mentioned to him how much I loved Lorelei's pink trench she always wears (season 4-5ish) and within 5 minutes he pulls the one above up on his phone and shows me. Bless him! Its Kate Spade and a tad out of budget but I was like good job honey! (haha) shop for it here. I'm also eyeing some new leopard flats and new TB boots but I just haven't pulled the trigger yet!

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